Data sheet

HPE Operations Agent for NonStop software


HPE Operations Agent for NonStop software (known in short as OVNM) is designed as an out-of-the-box solution to provide seamless integration for managing an HPE NonStop server-only environment or to bring NonStop server data into larger multiplatform management systems. OVNM offers a comprehensive and efficient management solution that helps businesses to monitor, control, report on, and automate corrective actions, thus ensuring the health of all parts of a business' managed infrastructure.
OVNM brings NonStop server data into enterprise-wide management views, such as those driven by Micro Focus OM, IBM Tivoli software, BMC Performance Manager (formerly PATROL) software, etc. In addition, it provides a complete NonStop server-only management solution.
With OVNM businesses can create specific views for a given enterprise solution. These views not only enable operations staff to detect functional problems quickly, but also provide a systematic approach to isolate the actual cause(s) and to associate that problem with a particular service.