Family data sheet

Software programming for HPE Integrity NonStop systems


Using modern, industry-standard development tools for HPE NonStop, customers and ISVs can develop linearly scalable and highly available applications for HPE Integrity NonStop i (based on Intel Itanium processors) and HPE Integrity NonStop X (based on x86 processors) systems (Throughout the rest of this document, the term Integrity NonStop server is used to refer to both HPE NonStop i and HPE NonStop X server types.). You can choose from a rich set of supported programming languages such as C, C++, Java, COBOL, and pTAL to develop your applications. You can continue to support or enhance those applications developed for older NonStop platforms using the TNS toolset supported on HPE Integrity NonStop systems.
Key features and benefits
  • Develop applications for HPE Integrity NonStop systems using:Industry-standard C, C++, Java, and COBOL languagesHPE NonStop pTAL
  • Continue to leverage your investment in applications developed for HPE NonStop CISC architecture:Using TNS C, C++, COBOL, Fortran, and TAL programming languagesExecute TNS applications in interpreted or accelerated mode on HPE Integrity NonStop systems
  • Choose your development platform:Build applications on Microsoft Windows PCs using cross compilersSupported for C, C++, COBOL, and pTAL languagesBuild applications on HPE NonStop systems using HPE NonStop hosted compilers:Supported for native C, C++, COBOL, and TAL languagesSupported for TNS C, C++, COBOL-85, Fortran, and pTAL languagesBuild applications for HPE NonStop i systems using cross compilers hosted on HPE NonStop X systemsSupported for native C/C++, COBOL, and pTAL languages for HPE NonStop i systems
  • Integrate the native language compilers with the Eclipse-based HPE NonStop Development Environment for Eclipse (NSDEE) plug-in and develop HPE NonStop software using the modern, industry-standard integrated development environment (IDE)