Solution brief

Rapid access to parts to help manage your IT

When system availability is at stake, waiting for replacement parts can seem like an eternity. HPE understands the need for your critical systems to be up and running - day in and day out, and that you cannot afford a system failure that may affect the business. HPE Spares Management Service is designed to address one of the most common IT pain points by giving you real-time access to spare parts, where and when you need them. HPE Spares Management Service supplies spares inventory, so you can have the right replacement parts when you need them to keep your IT environment running.

Instant access to spares inventory

HPE Spares Management Service is a comprehensive IT spares management solution for your data center.
How it works
We work with you to identify the required on-site spares stocking and the service-level requirements for each of your data center locations. Our account team will provide training and help you set up your HPE Spares Management Service. The initial inventory is shipped to each data center, and your assigned contact can then scan the inventory into the HPE Spares Management Service smart box. Your inventory of spare parts is digitally recorded, and available to view in the Konnect smartphone app.