Data sheet

HPE Backup and Recovery Impact Analysis Level 1

Service overview

HPE Backup and Recovery Impact Analysis Level 1, Fixed Package, provides you with a better understanding of your existing operational recovery environments, preparing you to make educated, immediate, and long-term, systemic improvements to those environments through changes that will directly affect your organization's ability to perform and rely on operational recovery.
HPE's expert consultants will quickly identify the performance, cost-effectiveness, and unknown risks in your existing backup and recovery environment. With these findings, we create a prioritized action plan and high-level remediation plan that identify remediation activities to improve your existing environment as well as enhancement activities to expand its functionality and capacity.
HPE Backup and Recovery Impact Analysis is a highly beneficial way to:
  • Review an existing backup application environment that seems to be at risk or performing poorly
  • Evaluate an existing deployment to verify that all best practices are being followed and that the necessary processes and policies are in place