Technical white paper

Disaster-Tolerant Solutions with HPE 3PAR Remote Copy


Today IT organizations like yours are faced with the difficult task of satisfying the diverse disaster-tolerant needs of the entire enterprise. Business, governmental, and industry-driven requirements compel the need to store more data and make it continuously available. With the increased need for data availability comes the increased demand for fast disaster recovery. An enterprise that is unable to recover its data assets quickly after a disaster may be at risk for regulatory action, or, worse yet, an inability to continue business. How do IT organizations protect more applications and data than ever without commensurate increases in human and capital resources?
HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage addresses this challenge by offering a powerful yet simple solution for remote data replication that is the foundation of a properly designed and deployed disaster-tolerant solution: HPE 3PAR Remote Copy software.

Data replication and disaster-tolerant solution challenges

Following a natural or human-induced disaster that drastically affects day-to-day operations, businesses must continue to function. Compliance with business standards, industry trends, or federal regulations may place additional requirements on an enterprise looking to create or expand its disaster recovery capabilities. The maximum acceptable RPO the Enterprise can tolerate is one such important requirement.