Data sheet

HPE Storage Efficiency Analysis Service

HPE Storage Efficiency Analysis (SEA) consists of an accelerated assessment of your storage environment, providing you with a view of how efficiently your storage infrastructure is being utilized and managed. Based on the results of the assessment, HPE is able to identify immediate opportunities for cost savings or cost avoidance. In addition, HPE will develop a high-level transformation road map based on HPE best practices and the recommended future state. Armed with this information, you can make better-informed business decisions when you consider the purchase of additional IT storage infrastructure.

Service benefits

  • Quick, automated
    - Accelerated snapshot of your environment that relies heavily on HPE IP and industry best practices
    - Identification of "low-hanging fruit" for immediate remediation in areas of storage utilization, waste, risk, and service improvements
  • Customer data-driven
    - Rapid, automated storage inventory that is utilization-focused
    - Customer maturity survey that compares your organization to similar companies
    - Direct-from-the-source storage reporting