Data sheet

HPE Partner Branded Support

HPE Partner Branded Support provides authorized HPE Partner Ready channel partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware and software services. The service enables partners to support end-user customers who have purchased the partners' own branded support services.
Authorized HPE partners sell their own brand of services covering the eligible HPE products in this program. If a support issue arises, the partner works directly with their customer to perform the initial problem diagnosis, support, and troubleshooting following standard HPE diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures. During coverage hours, HPE technical resources work remotely with channel partner service resources to resolve hardware and software problems that the partner is unable to resolve. HPE will provide any replacement parts needed to resolve the problem.
The service also provides the HPE partner with software updates for selected HPE-supported software products for each system, processor, processor core, or end-user software license, as allowed by HPE or the original manufacturer software license. In addition, the service provides you with electronic access to related product and support information, enabling you to locate this commercially available essential information.