Data sheet

HPE Datacenter Care Service

Service description

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Datacenter Care Service is HPE's most comprehensive support solution tailored to meet your specific data center support requirements. It offers a wide choice of proactive and reactive service levels to cover requirements ranging from the most basic to the most business-critical environments. HPE Datacenter Care Service is designed to scale to any size and type of data center environment while providing a single point of contact for all your support needs for HPE as well as selected multivendor products. The service is delivered under the governance of an assigned Hewlett Packard Enterprise support team that is familiar with your IT environment and understands how it enables your company's business. A mutually agreed upon and executed Statement of Work (SOW) will detail the precise combination of reactive and proactive support features that will be provided under HPE Datacenter Care Service based upon your requirements.
You can use HPE Datacenter Care Service to complement your organization's own skills and capabilities by mixing and matching any of HPE's support offerings with different elements of your IT solution or data center based on the role and importance of the particular products. IT environments are becoming increasingly diverse, combining low-cost virtualized and bladed technology deployed alongside more traditional high-end products - each of which can have very different reactive support needs. (Note that IT environment, as defined by HPE, is the IT infrastructure supported by HPE Datacenter Care Service, under the direct day-to-day management of one IT organization, in one country, and as detailed in the SOW.) HPE Datacenter Care Service is designed to meet a wide range of support requirements.
Regardless of the level of routine reactive support you chose for specific products in your IT infrastructure, the end-to-end IT services they support can be crucial to your overall business. When the unexpected happens, you may still need rapid escalation and incident resolution. In the event of a service incident, HPE Datacenter Care Service provides access to HPE technical solution specialists who can help you to resolve critical issues as quickly as possible. HPE employs accelerated escalation procedures to resolve complex incidents. In addition, your support team of HPE specialists is equipped with remote technologies and tools designed to reduce downtime and increase productivity.