Data sheet

HPE Infrastructure Condition and Capacity Analysis Service

The availability of applications is at risk if the Customer's data center facilities - and the supporting facility infrastructure systems that house them - are not designed, operated, and maintained with reliability expectations that correspond to those of the IT architecture. HPE Infrastructure Condition and Capacity Analysis Service can help the Customer understand both the availability needs and how the facility's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure matches those needs by providing a system-by-system evaluation of the facility's critical infrastructure. This service provides a concise summary of the existing MEP facility's cooling and electrical infrastructure systems.
The capacity of the infrastructure power and cooling systems is determined and then compared with the demand placed on those systems by mission-critical IT loads. Based on these findings, the capacity and degree of utilization are calculated and summarized in both narrative and graphical forms to facilitate management planning and provisioning decisions. In addition, the general methods the staff uses to maintain, operate, and respond to emergency events related to the MEP facility infrastructure systems are surveyed and the findings are summarized in narrative and clear graphical forms.
This service is specifically designed to help the Customer evaluate the condition of their MEP physical space, their equipment, and the power/cooling capacity of the MEP facility's infrastructure in comparison with the current power and cooling loads. It provides quantitative information that can help in planning for future facility or IT expansion. A mutually agreed-upon statement of work (SOW) details the precise features and related pricing to be provided as part of this service, based on the service features outlined later in the document and on the Customer's specific requirements.