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Data Center Support Services for IT at Scale

HPE Datacenter Care for Hyperscale

IT at scale needs a different support model

HPE Datacenter Care for Hyperscale brings you a tailored and relationship-based approach to support your most demanding data centers in a cost-effective service.

A different kind of care for your data center

If you are operating IT at scale, housing thousands of servers in your data center-you operate it different IT environments. It also means you need a partner who understands your operating model, and can tailor services to your needs. You need a relationship that can scale, and enables you to do as much of the routine tasks as you need to, while leveraging our expertise when you need it. While the failure of one device may present little risk to the business, service from your data center cannot be disrupted. The right partner can help you address need for IT availability and stability while offering data center support services and costs that align with the number of servers, storage, and networking devices in your data center.
HPE Datacenter Care for Hyperscale is based on our experience with customers operating IT at scale. Being able to count on quick access to experts is a top priority because when it comes to running your data center at this scale, you don't have time to delay support. You need to be able to turn to a team that "gets it." We offer a flexible, comprehensive, relationship-based approach to personalized, tailored support and management of the most demanding datacenters. Our datacenter support services focuses on people, processes, and technology - built from repeatable, scalable, tested, and globally available services.