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HPE Moonshot System

HPE Moonshot

Performance, Economics, Innovation - Delivered
HPE Moonshot is an integrated server system with workload-optimized solutions for better business outcomes - delivered in a compact, power and energy efficient package.

The Next Evolution of your data center

HPE Moonshot System is unlike anything that exists today. It's a huge leap forward in infrastructure design that delivers breakthrough efficiency and scale by aligning just the right amount of compute, memory, and storage to get the work done. The idea is very simple - replace general purpose processors with more energy-efficient Systems-on-Chip (SoC) containing integrated accelerators tailored for specific workloads.
The HPE Moonshot Chassis incorporates everything that is a common resource in a traditional server - power, cooling, management, fabric, switches, and network uplinks are all shared across45 hot-pluggable server blades in a dense form factor. This enables massive scale out without a corresponding increase in complexity and management overhead.