Technical white paper

10GBASE-T: the 10GbE enabler

Executive summary

With the increase in server consolidation through virtualization in the data center, the resulting data demand has exceeded traditional1 Gb/s throughput capabilities. Today these virtualized servers are typically configured with multiple 1 Gb/s ports in order to keep up with the I/O demands. The transition to a 10 Gb/s network overcomes these 1 Gb/s bandwidth limitations while dramatically simplifying cabling requirements, and also is the next natural progression in Ethernet speed. The availability of 10GBASE-T over common CAT 6a unshielded twisted pair (UTP) at attractive market prices enables rapid, large-scale adoption of 10GbE throughout the data center. This paper describes the details of 10GBASE-T and UTP media, its benefits, and why now is the right time to make the switch to 10GbE.