Technical white paper

HPE custom ESXi images for ProLiant servers


VMware ESXi is a "bare metal" full-function hypervisor solution from VMware. It is highly secure, has a small footprint, and is set to be the long-term hypervisor platform for future VMware releases. We are committed to continue making HPE ProLiant servers and the supported infrastructure the best platform for hosting VMware ESXi. As part of this commitment, we provide HPE custom ESXi images (custom images) that integrate the standard ESXi code with support for advanced ProLiant features for a seamless deployment experience. HPE custom ESXi images simplify configuring and deploying the ESXi hypervisor. Certain ProLiant servers require using a custom image to run the ESXi hypervisor. Using the custom images on other HPE ProLiant servers is optional but highly recommended.
This paper provides the information necessary for you to decide when and how to use an HPE custom ESXi image. Specifically, it explains the following topics:
  • Advantages of using HPE custom ESXi images