Data sheet

HPE Firmware Update Analysis Service

HPE Firmware Update Analysis Service provides recommendations for firmware revision levels for selected HPE servers, storage products, network devices, and solutions, taking into account the relevant revision dependencies within your IT environment.
This service is sold as a block of four (4) hours of HPE Firmware Update Analysis Service work on a per-product basis. Your Hewlett Packard Enterprise sales representative will work with you to estimate the quantity of service product numbers recommended for your HPE product(s). HPE will perform service for the selected product based up the service features described in this document and will work toward the provision of them up to a maximum of four (4) hours. Additional service hours may be required to complete a firmware update analysis engagement for the selected product.
Maintaining current firmware revisions of HPE products can provide you with enhancements and help you avoid known problems. However, determining the correct firmware revisions and evaluating compatibility with other software and hardware within the IT infrastructure can be a complex process. Hewlett Packard Enterprise service specialists will help you evaluate the compatibility of certain selected non-HPE products with the HPE firmware product for which these service are purchased, and will work with you to help determine the appropriate HPE firmware updates needed. Please contact HPE for further information regarding the list of selected non-HPE products that may be evaluated as part of this service.