Data sheet

HPE Firmware Update Implementation Service

HPE Firmware Update Implementation Service is a technical service that provides the implementation of firmware updates for selected HPE server, storage, and solution products, taking into account the relevant revision dependencies within your IT environment. Please contact your HPE representative for information regarding the selected products for which these services are available.
This service is sold as a block of four (4) hours of Firmware Update Implementation Services work on a per product basis. Your HPE sales representative will work with you to estimate the quantities of service product numbers recommended for your HPE product(s). HPE will perform the services for the selected product based upon the service features specified below and will work toward the provision of them up to a maximum of four (4) hours. Additional quantities of the Firmware Update Implementation Service product numbers may be required to complete a firmware update implementation engagement for the selected product.
Firmware updates to HPE server, storage, and solution products are required periodically and are intended to help prevent issues caused by known problems and obtain product enhancements. HPE specialized technical resources can perform these updates, working with you to determine scheduling and implementation of them with the goal to minimize disruption to your IT environment. This service does not include the firmware updates or the right to any firmware updates. Customer must have rightfully acquired the updates in order to receive these services. Such updates may require an active support agreement, or the Customer may need to purchase them through additional support contracts.