Frequently asked questions

HPE OneView 4.2

General HPE OneView questions

Q. What are the advantages of HPE OneView?

A. HPE OneView is an integrated, converged management platform that increases automation and streamlines processes across compute, storage, and fabric resources. Designed for the way people work - not how devices are managed - HPE OneView helps your IT team increase productivity, reduce human error, and speed IT service delivery.
Using HPE OneView, IT can design resources using software-defined templates that make server, fabric, and storage configuration faster and more repeatable. They can also control resources programmatically through a unified API, integrating with the workflow orchestration and management tools your business relies on. With HPE OneView, infrastructure can be configured, monitored, updated, and repurposed with a single line of code - whether your resources are physical, virtual, or container based.

Q. What is a software-defined approach to lifecycle management?

A. The software-defined approach to lifecycle management in HPE OneView automates operations to reduce the cost and time to deliver IT services. This approach includes a fully programmable interface to easily create customized workflows, scripts, and configuration profiles for push-button builds that instantly deliver resources without mistakes or variations. Workflow templates capture best practices and policies to increase productivity and enable compliance and consistency. Built-in intelligence automates common IT infrastructure management tasks usually done by people, and connections to Smart Update Manager automate firmware and system software maintenance.