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HPE Revenue Intelligence overview and analyst training

Course description

This course presents a user-oriented view of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Revenue Intelligence solutions, including Fraud Risk Management, Credit Risk Control, and Revenue Leakage Control, among others, and is customized for the specific solution(s) to be taught. After an overview of various types of risks targeted by the solution, you receive an overview of the solution and its features. There is also a detailed examination of the solution's case management role.
This course also details case manager interaction - the analyst who reviews cases of suspected risk/loss and resolves them and carries out needed counter actions - with other HPE Revenue Intelligence solution roles and responsibilities of those roles. These include knowledge management, system management, and security management. Training additionally includes hands-on learning of the user interface through exercises.


Persons who will be HPE Revenue Intelligence solution(s) users and all persons who wish to understand the operation and capabilities of the solutions. In addition to case managers (analysts), the audience includes department managers (knowledge managers), any relevant credit and revenue assurance analysts and managers, and IT personnel who will support the application.