Data sheet

HPE StoreOnce single node Catalyst Startup Backup Service

HPE StoreOnce single node Catalyst Startup Service provides implementation and verification of the backup and remote copy features of HPE StoreOnce Catalyst functionality.
This service provides a basis for the implementation of HPE StoreOnce Catalyst software, and the testing services necessary to deploy increased functionality to branch offices or move data between data centers on your HPE StoreOnce environment. HPE StoreOnce Catalyst software for HPE StoreOnce Backup allows clients to deduplicate data on media servers or backup servers before it is transferred to a centralized HPE StoreOnce Backup system.
The service is offered for one StoreOnce single-node appliance only, covering Catalyst, StoreOnce VSA, Cloud Bank Storage or StoreOnce VSA and VTL/NAS. The service is not offered as a standalone product and must be included with a StoreOnce single-node appliance, covering Catalyst, Cloud Bank Storage and StoreOnce VSA or StoreOnce VSA and VTL/NAS.