Solution brief

Modern backup and restore options for HPE NonStop servers

Integrating HPE NonStop BackBox Virtual Tape Controllers with HPE NonStop servers enables transparent backups and restores using an architecture designed for fault-tolerance and linear scalability.

When failure is not an option

With HPE NonStop fault-tolerant computing, you can deliver unbroken access to information and services with a fully-virtualized, integrated solution stack of hardware, operating system, database, software, and applications - and now modern backup and restore options.
As disk storage for "tape" processing continues to gain momentum, enterprises need simple and more cost-efficient ways to back up data. To handle the evolution from physical tape to disk, you'll need reliable options that are easy to manage with full-featured software. HPE is adding those options for NonStop backup by partnering with ETI-NET.
Modern backup options
Today, you perform backup to either physical tape or the HPE NonStop Virtual TapeServer. With the HPE NonStop BackBox VTC, based on ETI-NET technology, you can build out a backup environment to support all of your HPE NonStop servers, or integrate NonStop backup data into an existing backup environment with other servers.