Solution brief

Enhancing operational efficiencies

SAP HANA is designed for fast data access and efficient processing of bulk data to suit today's business needs. However, it is a complex technology, and is used in mission-critical IT production environments. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has the architecture, expertise, and vision to meet SAP HANA infrastructure needs. As such, a proactive service approach does make sense to provide the IT manager with an in-depth view to the technical layer of HANA on a regular basis, anticipating and addressing potential problems before they have a major impact on the business.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technical Services can help IT managers meet operational, resourcing, and specialized skill requirements through focused and flexible service offerings.

Solve challenges impacting performance and cost

Customers want to enjoy peak performance of their HANA database and connected SAP system
Service: HPE Capacity and Performance Review for SAP solutions powered by SAP HANA
This service provides an analysis of the key capacity and performance metrics for SAP solutions powered by SAP HANA over a defined period of time. It detects potential issues or resource shortages - documenting and analyzing the key findings separately for the Linux operating system, the HANA database (DB), and the SAP application. The key benefits for you are:
  • Helps enable availability and smooth operations of the SAP solution powered by HANA system
  • Assists with planning for future capacity demands and can alert you to potential system issues