Operate DC effectively

Too many data centers, not enough personnel

Hundreds of data centers have been built over the last few years. In fact, Gartner estimates that more than 750 medium to large sized facilities - totaling almost 9.6 million square feet - were fully operational at the end of 2017. This requires nearly 10,000 employees (managers and staff), along with vendors support. The problem: Too much data center space is being built and there isn't enough expertise to manage it.

An efficient data center requires the right people and processes

Successful, competitive enterprises require efficiently run data centers that deliver the right amount of availability and capacity at the right time - and at a reasonable cost. Without strong knowledge, processes, and operational know-how - and with constantly changing processing environments - the large-scale capital that enterprises invest in a data center likely will not yield a satisfying return.
The ability of an enterprise to achieve its business goals depends on how effective the data center operates. The main issue is that an experienced labor force that can effectively and efficiently operate new data centers is not expanding at the same rate that data centers are being built.

Let HPE help you build and maintain an optimized facility

The HPE Data Center Facilities Operations Consulting Service was created to help our customers develop and maintain well-run data center operations. The service offers governance rules, operational procedures, documentation and staff selection, training, and performance measurement for new and existing data centers. It is dedicated to guiding enterprises toward highly efficient capacity utilization and high reliability throughout the facility's lifespan.