Solution brief

HPE Moonshot System for media processing

Density does matter when you are trying to achieve higher streams per rack unit along with lower costs per stream.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Moonshot solves the need for video scale out with a broad ecosystem of software partners, new solutions like just-in-time transcoding (JITT) & Cloud TV, as well as breakthrough economics to address the growing video market.

Demands on traditional IT infrastructure are high

If delivering video content is at the core of your business, you need to be able to deliver increasing volumes of content to a growing number of devices. And you need to do this in different formats and resolutions. This requires adding significantly more processing power in your data centers to handle the increasing subscriber demand for UHD 4K content and other capabilities subscribers are demanding today.
Scaling up traditional rack-mount infrastructure is challenging due to power, space, and management limitations. Ultimately, with traditional servers, your IT organization will most likely struggle to keep pace with your growing business needs. How can you best support more streams per rack unit while reducing your cost per stream?

HPE Moonshot value

The metrics are clear that density does matter when it comes to the HPE Moonshot. Here are a few significant metrics showing how the Moonshot m710x solution stacks up against traditional servers:
Density: Streams/rack unit:
  • Up to 27X more streams/rack unit
Cost: Price/stream:
  • Up to 92 percent less cost