HPE flash storage-integrated data protection and copy data management

Protecting your business-critical applications without impacting performance is proving ever more challenging in the face of all-flash data centers, unrelenting data growth, stringent recovery service level agreements (SLAs) and increasingly virtualized Hybrid IT environments. Traditional approaches to data protection are unable to cost-effectively deliver the end-to-end protection that your applications and hypervisors demand. A faster, easier, more efficient, and reliable way to protect data is needed.

Evolving data protection architectures for business-critical applications

Server-centric backup processes can impact application performance with data typically flowing through the application and backup server. Backup server infrastructures introduce escalating cost and complexity with the need to disruptively acquire and manage additional servers, software licenses, and networking equipment as application data grows.
Array-based snapshots and replication provide fast, non-disruptive point-in-time copies of your data. But snapshots alone cannot deliver comprehensive backup as they have retention limitations, and a dependence on the underlying storage system. Simply put, your snapshots will be lost if the storage system fails.