Solution brief

Enhancing operational efficiencies

Solving common challenges that impact IT performance and cost

Customers want to proactively identify potential issues caused by ongoing operational changes
Recommended: HPE Trend Analysis Service for SAP Environments and HPE Performance Analysis for HPE Disk Arrays
The quarterly proactive service analyzes trends for key performance and capacity-related parameters for SAP environments, the operating system, and the database layer. The findings and key recommendations are summarized quarterly. An annual summary is also provided.
In addition, a yearly disk array service provides an analysis of the storage subsystem to complete the end-to-end analysis.This should help you to:
  • Identify any impacts of implementing ongoing operational changes
  • Determine opportunities to help optimize your environment and performance
  • Predict future impact on performance and capacity levels, based on current trend data
Customers want to address performance issues and understand how to tune their environment to get peak performance
An expert consults with you to understand your performance-related issues or other requirements. If necessary, they can log on and verify the areas that need attention. Based on the information obtained, HPE will propose appropriate actions for remediation and business continuity. This should help you to:
  • Identify and prioritize the specific areas that need attention