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HPE Cloud-First Reference Architecture Guide - 100 Servers

Architecture guide


We live and work in the idea economy. It has never been easier to turn ideas into new products, services, applications, and industries. To compete in this idea economy todays Enterprises need to be able to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously from all of their applications. This requires a hybrid infrastructure that is able to maximize performance and cost.
Businesses must change along four axes in order to survive and thrive in the idea economy. They must transform to a hybrid infrastructure; protect the digital enterprise; empower the data driven organization; and enable workplace productivity.
This architecture guide provides a reference architecture design guideline for a 100 physical server data center that can take advantage of a Hybrid Infrastructure that can allow them to compete in this idea economy. This guide is intended for technology decision-makers, solution architects and other experts tasked with improving data center networking. It can serve as a baseline for network planning and design projects.
The recommended architectures and sample BOM described in this guide severs as general guideline, which might not be applicable to the exact customer design, please consult with HPE to customize to your own environment as networks have different requirements.