Technical white paper

Introduction to the Ported Binaries of Java SE ecosystem on HPE NonStop Servers


This document summarizes the components of the Ported Binaries of Java SE 8 and its associated software products ecosystem and describes how they integrate with core NonStop software products such as NonStop SQL, NonStop Transaction Services (TS/MP), and the Transaction Monitoring Facility (TMF). It also provides some performance influencers and how to use the NonStop performance-measuring tool MEASURE, with Java applications. This document references documentation related to the individual components that make up the Java ecosystem on NonStop. This document is intended for architects, designers, and developers of Java applications being written for or ported to the HPE NonStop platform. Those who install or manage Java related applications may also find this document useful. This document assumes familiarity with NonStop servers and/or Java.


The HPE NonStop platform offers an open application development environment and Java Virtual Machine and tools. Java is used on the NonStop platform to:
  • Develop and deploy Java applications and support third-party Java applications.