Data sheet

HPE IT Automation Service

This data sheet for the HPE IT Automation service describes service features, which allows you to configure and operate your data center in a new way to help you realize the potential of the software-defined data center. With HPE IT Automation service, data center infrastructure is treated as software that can be designed, documented, version controlled, and tested using some of the same tools and processes software developers typically use. The HPE IT Automation service provides you with advice and support for tools to configure and operate your data center using eligible HPE and partner products.
The HPE IT Automation service is helpful for customers who are looking to simplify their IT operations environment through automation and continuous optimization of infrastructure and application provisioning and release management. This service accelerates problem resolution, makes delivery of services more reliable and helps to deliver faster release cycle and allows time for innovation.
At a high level, these features provide the following:
Advice, best practices, and coaching
  • This service is delivered remotely by an HPE technical expert to execute one of the following use cases Automated OS ProvisioningAutomated OS HardeningAutomated Compliance Management
    - Automated OS Provisioning
    - Automated OS Hardening
    - Automated Compliance Management
  • Knowledge transfer (Remotely)