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HPE OneView is built with software-defined intelligence and a unified API designed to deploy infrastructure faster, simplify lifecycle operations, and increase IT staff productivity.

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For IT to bring real value to the business, it needs to deliver applications and services faster and more reliably. HPE OneView is your infrastructure automation engine, enabling you to work faster by automating and streamlining IT processes across compute, storage, and fabric resources. Designed for the way people work - not how devices are managed - HPE OneView helps you deploy infrastructure faster, simplify lifecycle operations, increase productivity, and accelerate time to value. HPE OneView places you firmly on the path towards composable infrastructure.
The sooner you get started with HPE OneView, the sooner you can start recognizing these game-changing benefits.
Deploy infrastructure faster
Using software-defined intelligence, IT specialists can create a catalog of workload templates that allow IT generalists to compose and update all of your resources - compute, storage, and fabric - faster and with complete confidence.