Data sheet

HPE NonStop VTR R3

HPE NonStop Virtual Tape Repository (VTR) R3 provides a simple and affordable physical tape replacement for NonStop backups, reducing and simplifying operations.

In a world that never stops, failure - for even a minute - is simply not an option. With HPE NonStop fault-tolerant computing, you can deliver unbroken access to information and services with an integrated solution stack that has been uniquely designed for continuous availability. The fully virtualized, integrated stack of hardware, operating system, database, software, and applications provides the foundation that HPE NonStop customers rely on for their mission-critical applications.
NonStop customers can enhance their backup and TMF protection coverage by use of virtual tape instead of physical tape handling. Fully automated and transparent backups mean that they can be done more easily and often - improving protection coverage. With this automation, operations staff can be freed up for more valuable tasks.
Note: For larger data centers, with more complex requirements and environments, and for use with a range of storage types, HPE offers the NonStop BackBox Virtual Tape Controller (VTC) product.