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Aruba ClearPass Services

Aruba ClearPass Services from HPE for wired and wireless local area networks (WLANs) provide you with access to Aruba Mobile First technology expertise to help enable pervasive wireless infrastructures with security features that can support communication in a wide range of locations and deliver business apps wherever people work. These services are an integral part of a family of Aruba Mobile First services that are designed to help you support reliable bring your own (BYO) everything connectivity while also helping to simplify the day-to-day operation of managing a more secure and flexible infrastructure.
Aruba ClearPass Services focus on the lifecycle of advisory and professional services needed to help implement Aruba ClearPass network access security features for your indoor, outdoor, public, and private enterprise networks. Depending on your specific access requirements, these services can include:
  • Predeployment strategy, product, and service planning to help you prepare for your wired and wireless LAN security project
  • A wired and wireless LAN access assessment of existing security mechanisms
  • Design of a network with ClearPass security features that are aligned to mobile application and unified wired and wireless security strategies
  • Implementing Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager to help IT to manage network access security and policy enforcement
  • A knowledge transfer session for your IT team to help them take ownership of the new wired/wireless network and HPE security related best practices
  • End-to-end program management and the HPE Trusted Network Transformation approach and methodology designed to help you to manage costs while delivering the kind of pervasive, flexible (BYO anything) wireless connectivity that you want