Business white paper

HPE Mobility Management

Mobile carriers face complex business and technology challenges as service offerings rapidly expand and need 100 percent uptime. Success requires excellence in three areas. New Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions uniquely deliver all three and solve the subscriber data challenge while delivering industry best uptime.

Managing subscriber data in 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks

The challenge
Mobile carriers stand at the confluence of three vectors of challenge in the industry: technology, business, and mergers & acquisitions (M&A). The interplay of these vectors has created an inflection point where distinct strategic choices must be made which will have major impact on future success.
The technology challenges are significant and include integrating diverse 2G/3G with emerging 4G and Wi-Fi networks, migrating to LTE and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), and providing a single view of the subscriber across the full services portfolio - all the while maintaining 100 percent uptime.
The business challenges are no less acute. These include a surge in merger and acquisition activity for both communications service providers (CSPs) and Network Equipment Providers (NEP), as well as Network Function Virtualization (NFV) - a broad paradigm shift that introduces commercial IT into traditionally custom Telco-hardened networks.