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Solution brief

HPE StoreOnce Backup with Veeam

In the Always-On Enterprise, more and more workloads are mission-critical and are being deployed on virtualized infrastructure, leading to virtual machine (VM) sprawl.

Unfortunately, this has created a staggering increase in the amount of backup storage space required, which ultimately results in storage inefficiencies. Virtual machine sprawl and increased data storage size requirements have also caused legacy backup tools to become impractical due to shrinking backup windows, cost, manageability, and poor performance.
Data backup and availability are critical business requirements that have to be planned and deployed correctly. HPE StoreOnce, combined with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst and Veeam, addresses the challenges faced by backup administrators who need to consolidate and improve storage efficiencies while addressing these common problems.
  • Backup sprawl - As you add VMs, hosts, and storage to keep pace with demands, you may need to add more backup infrastructure in order to maintain your backup window. This increases the overhead needed to run multiple backup processes and manage additional devices.
  • Backup overspill - If your overnight backup solution can't complete the backup in time, it may spill over into the working day. This means slower system performance for your users or application inaccessibility. You may have to terminate the process in mid-backup - resulting in incomplete protection.