Expertise when you need it

Flexible, cost-effective technical services

Flexible service delivery for planned or unplanned business needs.

HPE Pointnext can provide technical expertise to help customers through every step of the technology journey. From advisory and design, to retiring and sanitizing, and every stage in between. Service Credits by HPE Pointnext give you the flexibility and power to direct resources when and where you need them.

Designed for today's digital economy

Obtain services when and where you need without budget disruption.
Every day companies are learning the hard way that IT is a critical contributor to your organization's growth, stability, profitability, and even reputation. In today's competitive environment a stable and reliable, IT environment is still necessary but no longer enough to quickly respond to market trends and stay cost-effective during changing business decisions or company needs.
IT resources now not only need to be available, but they need to be flexible to respond to evolving requirements. This need for flexibility doesn't usually come with increased funding or more staff. This is where Service Credits by HPE Pointnext can support and supplement your own IT experts with specialists tasked to support particular business needs. Service Credits provide flexible services and technical skills to meet your IT demands as your business evolves. With a menu of services you can tailor to suit your needs, you can meet project requirements, catch up on delayed initiatives, or even pass off operational tasks like firmware management or performance audits to maintain peak performance of your existing infrastructure.