Infrastructure automation made simple

Build a foundation for a software-defined infrastructure

Make your complex hybrid cloud infrastructure simple to deploy and manage. HPE OneView is the foundation for a software-defined infrastructure - increasing the speed of IT delivery for new applications and services, while still efficiently managing your traditional IT.

Facing new challenges, new requirements, and new operating models
Businesses are managing and consuming IT services across a hybrid infrastructure that combines traditional IT along with private, managed, and public clouds. Managing this type of infrastructure is complex and time-consuming, because common tools and automation are lacking. Many IT administrators often waste countless hours on manual tasks that are prone to errors. On top of that, they must respond to constant change requests, which typically require manual intervention and specialized skills to adjust their on-premises infrastructure.
Complicated lifecycle operations make it difficult for businesses to support current IT tasks, much less new ideas and applications across a hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Today's IT must be more agile - providing developers and lines of business with more simplified and automated solutions that increase speed, productivity, and innovation.
HPE OneView meets all of these needs and many more. With HPE OneView, you can:
  • Transform to software defined infrastructureDeploy infrastructure fasterSimplify lifecycle operationsIncrease productivity
  • Compose for any workloadUse infrastructure like codeAutomate and increase agilityEnable predictability and compliance