Data sheet

Ported binaries on HPE Integrity NonStop servers, Java SE 8

This enterprise-class software environment enables development of Java applications that take advantage of the mission-critical features of HPE NonStop servers.

Meet the demands of your enterprise applications

The need for always-on and highly scalable systems and services has increased multiple times in the recent time period with the pervasive worldwide web being used for almost every purpose in our daily lives. And this situation will only become more demanding in the coming years due to the explosive growth expected in the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, application developers must design for catering to multiple challenges when creating business-critical enterprise applications. However, the ever-decreasing time-to-market often means that attention to design and development for availability and resilience, linear scalability, and absolute data integrity are compromised. A platform automatically providing these critical features will help streamline development workflows and free uptime that can be devoted to the functional aspects of application development.
HPE NSJ 8 software is an enterprise-class software platform that supports 64-bit applications, PUT library, and faster garbage collection (GC) algorithms. Together with HPE NonStop Servlets for JavaServer Pages, HPE JToolkit for HPE NonStop servers, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers for HPE NonStop SQL, HPE NonStop Application Server for Java, and HPE NonStop Message Queue software, this solution provides nearly all the advantages of the Write-Once-Run-Anywhere (WORA) concept of Java, enabling development of Java applications that take advantage of the mission-critical features of HPE Integrity NonStop servers.
This enables application developers to concentrate on their business workflow while the availability, scalability, and data integrity needs are taken care of by HPE NonStop servers.