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Water accounting manual

Purpose of the document

The purpose of this document is to provide additional details on the calculation methodology for the water footprint of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (as communicated in the HPE Living Progress Report [LPR]).


The Company's water calculation method is designed to clearly communicate how water is used across the Company's operations, products, and supply chain. The method draws on some of the concepts expressed in the globally recognized corporate water footprint standard developed by the Water Footprint Network (WFN). This standard is described in detail in WFN's. The Water Footprint Assessment Manual: Setting the global standard, 2011. The Company's methodology also uses principles derived from generally accepted financial accounting and reporting principles, including relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency, and accuracy.
However, the Company's method is fundamentally its own because HPE aims to communicate water used to produce energy across the value chain, a concept that the WFN does not emphasize. HPE recognizes that, as a result, its water footprint may not be fully comparable with that of other companies at present.