Solution brief

Boost efficiency and performance

Mitigate risk and simplify with HPE Datacenter Care for 3PAR

With businesses storing more and more critical information on HPE 3PAR arrays, it's imperative that your storage environment perform optimally every day. HPE Datacenter Care for 3PAR gives customers the experience required for their 3PAR storage solution to keep data highly available so IT can help drive business outcomes and success.
Whether you already have an existing 3PAR solution or are new to this technology, you want to make sure you're getting the most from your 3PAR storage. This includes optimizing your experience using 3PAR technology and maximizing the return on your investment.

Drive optimal availability and performance

HPE Datacenter Care for 3PAR offers all the benefits of HPE Datacenter Care, both proactive and reactive support including: an enhanced priority call experience with start to finish call management, an assigned account team, and direct access to technical expertise. But with this specialized solution, you also receive a range of 3PAR deliverables, including proactive and advisory services to help optimize efficiency and availability. Many of these specialized services are designed to help reduce data availability issues and downtime. Benefits include:
  • Improve overall disk array performance and capacity utilization, stability, and availability
  • Establish a baseline as a reference point for future performance analyses and capacity management