Reference guide

Next Generation Trader Workstation

Executive summary

This paper outlines a reference architecture for the Next Generation Trader Workstation solution, using the HPE Moonshot System and Citrix XenDesktop software. By moving the users' compute off of large, power hungry, heat generating, and noisy desk-side workstations, and on to the HPE ProLiant m710x Server Blade (inside the Moonshot 1500 chassis) hosted in a data center, users free up their existing workplace environment. IT administrators gain the scale-out capability to support thousands of financial users including traders, wealth managers, developers, and more. Users gain the ability to access their data and programs from anywhere and on any device while their data stays more secure as it is physically located in the data center, delivered to them through efficient and performant Citrix HDX technology. Each of these deployment types, data center and edge, can be managed either by on-premises Citrix infrastructure or through Citrix Cloud. Citrix Cloud moves the desktop control plane from on-premises, where it is managed by the end customer, to the cloud, where Citrix takes care of hosting all the Citrix infrastructure components and keeping them up to date.
The HPE ProLiant m710x Server Blades provide an excellent end-user experience with Citrix HDX, including rich multimedia content such as streaming videos, thanks to the fast Intel Xeon E3 processor paired with Intel Iris Pro graphics. The HPE ProLiant m710x Server Blade provides high-speed, low-latency, and redundant 10GbE networking essential for the trade floor. All of this comes in a platform which is optimized to reduce costly square meter footprint, power, cooling, and complexity of existing desk-side and data center-hosted financial end-user compute solutions.
Target audience: This paper is intended for HPE and Citrix partners and customers who seek a framework for the deployment and delivery of high-end workspaces powered by the HPE Moonshot System. It is also intended for HPE technical presales and solution architects. A working knowledge of server architecture, networking architecture, and storage design is recommended.