Solution brief

HPE IoT Transformation Workshop

Driving business and technical alignment

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to beckon with the promise of leverage data from an abundance of connected things to improve insights for better decision making, gain operational efficiencies and uncover new revenue streams and creating new customer experiences. However, today's challenges require a holistic approach to IoT as these solutions often mandate a bridge between the IT, operational technology (OT), and lines of business (LoB) worlds. Successful IoT implementations require significant integration effort across a wide range of technologies, processes, and partners. For most companies there is still a large gap between the hype of what could be and the realities of creating and implementing an actionable IoT strategy.

Connecting IT and OT for exceptional IoT results

At its core, IoT is about the connections between devices, sensors, data sources, technologies, solutions, organizations, people, and processes. What many enterprises miss is that successful IoT adoption also depends on considering the convergence of IT and OT. A key advantage of the HPE IoT Transformation Workshop is that it integrates IT and OT data to produce an IoT strategy that improves results.
A flexible engagement journey
HPE Pointnext has developed an engagement journey for IoT with multiple entry points. Experts from HPE Pointnext can help you integrate IoT point solutions and build a framework to help accelerate the integration of future IoT solutions and advanced business intelligence capabilities. The HPE IoT Transformation Workshop is an ideal entry point to help you achieve superior business outcomes.