Business white paper

Data availability without limits

The idea economy is always on

In the idea economy, "always-on" is a requirement for most businesses. With more applications being identified as mission- or business-critical, data protection and availability are more important than ever.

In this white paper, you'll learn about the requirements driving the need for increased availability, less complexity and improved reliability. Then you'll see how Veeam software and Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions can help you meet your availability objectives, future-proof your data center investment, and gain capabilities that provide data protection without limits to meet your always-on business needs. You'll also see examples of how other organizations have used these technologies to attain mission-critical application availability, meeting recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs), and providing fast, reliable disaster recovery capabilities for their modern data centers.

Always-on business

Today, globalization has become the norm. The explosion of mobile device usage and internet access now requires your website to be constantly available. Additionally, employees need 24/7 access to corporate resources. These types of requirements drive the need for increased levels of availability and recoverability for your business services.
According to IDC, a combination of Veeam Software and HPE storage delivers significant business value to customers, including, 83% shorter backup windows, 93% faster data recovery windows and a massive 262% five year ROI when deployed together.