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HPE Rapid Provisioning for Databases

Executive summary

Today, large IT organizations have hundreds and thousands of databases with different versions and configurations with availability requirements of both mission-critical production environments and non-mission-critical test/development environments. Also, the major challenge that an application user encounters is the time to provision new databases, which currently takes days to weeks most of the times.
HPE Rapid Provisioning for Databases solution enables your organization to tame these challenges. The solution delivers self-serviced deployment of IT resources where end users can directly request a database service from a catalog resulting in faster provisioning of the databases. The solution enables customers to consolidate their database platform, reduce IT expenditure, and have a more efficient utilization of software and hardware resources.
This document presents a reference architecture describing the key HPE components used for DBaaS solution in a private cloud environment. The solution is built using the Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management Suite capabilities combined with those of the Data Center Automation Suite. The ultimate edition of HCM Suite offers the addition of compliance automation at the cloud-service-level and an attribute-based cloud service portal that enables you to offer simplified but truly flexible services. Key capabilities in the solution include hybrid cloud orchestration. It allows for design once, run anywhere services, which are critical features for the current database-as-a-service offering. Its entry point is a unified self-service portal with attribute-based options, which simplifies catalog offerings. It has an integrated feature for workload optimization and allows for show back based on utilization of resources in the service offering. It offers PaaS features because of the inherent out-of-the-box content for database (DB) and middleware (M). The ultimate edition also includes a full-fledged service discovery feature that enables service-level compliance that crosses IT silos. The HCM Suite integrates with the Data Center Automation (DCA) Suite in order to provide end-to-end automation and orchestration features for database and middleware needed in Rapid Provisioning of the Database Instances.