Data sheet

Aruba Meridian Deployment and Integration Services

Service overview

Aruba Meridian Deployment and Integration Services from Hewlett Packard Enterprise provide initial deployment and integration of Aruba Meridian-powered mobile engagement solutions for your environment. The services are delivered both on-site and remotely as defined below, and focus on Aruba Meridian Beacons and mobile engagement applications for use in your indoor mobile engagement environment.
These services also provide you with access to HPE Technology Consultants with Aruba Meridian technology and mobile engagement expertise to help you take advantage of basic Meridian mobile engagement and location-based service features.
The Aruba Meridian Deployment and Integration Services comprise three service options that are designed to enable you to provision Aruba Meridian Beacons and develop Meridian AppMaker applications. The three service options can be used together or independently:
  • Aruba Meridian AppMaker Development and Beacon Integration Services - designed to commission a predefined, fixed-scope mobile engagement solution for your mobile engagement environment. This service includes remotely delivered Meridian AppMaker application development and on-site Meridian Beacon integration and configuration.
  • Aruba Meridian Beacon Deployment Services - designed to assist you with design, configuration, and on-site Beacon deployment for your indoor network environment.