Data sheet

HPE Data Sanitization Storage and Server Services

HPE Data Privacy Services bring your organization the necessary infrastructure support to help you protect and optimize sensitive data across the entire IT lifecycle, while accelerating business innovation and complying with data security regulations. The need for data privacy solutions and infrastructure support continues to rise at a very high rate due to changes in government regulations and the business risk mitigation associated with material management and control. When your organization is retiring systems, upgrading storage and servers, returning leased equipment, or redeploying data storing devices, it is critical that you take steps to protect the company information they contain. Simply deleting the files on the hard drive, however, is not enough to make the data permanently inaccessible.
HPE Data Sanitization Services provide the skilled resources and tools to help your organization address this important but often overlooked security risk. Using specialized software techniques, an HPE service specialist or authorized service partner will help ensure that data cannot be reconstructed or retrieved from hard disk media in your server and storage devices. These services offer you a smart alternative or augmentation to physical hardware destruction by executing procedures to remove data from disk media.

Service benefits

  • Helps prevent your important information on hard disk media from being accessed by unauthorized parties
  • Combines three levels of service - from small and medium jobs, to large, complex custom engagements - allowing for greater flexibility in meeting any data sanitization or business need