Service brief

HPE IT Performance Services Suite - Analysis


The purpose of this service is to provide a good understanding of the storage disk array performance and capacity situation. It identifies performance gains that may be available and outlines actions that can be taken to improve the storage performance.
This service provides a detailed report and analyzes business-critical performance metrics of the HPE Storage system. It visualizes resource consumption and potential bottleneck situations and helps planning for future capacity demands. The following storage systems are covered - HPE XP Storage, HPE EVA Storage, HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE XP7 Storage, and HPE StoreVirtual.


  • Visualizes utilization of storage hardware with data such as:
    - Requests, throughput, response times, and latency
    - Utilization and distribution of controller, nodes, clusters, front- and back-end components, cache, RAID groups, and more
    - Response time behavior of virtual disks, cluster, nodes, and volumes
    - Disk group configuration and utilization