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Deutsche B�rse minimizes the risk of IT failure

Deutsche B�rse�s long-standing HPE Datacenter Care contract with Hewlett Packard Enterprise includes both proactive and reactive services�ensuring its business-critical trading platforms remain performant and uninterrupted. These services cover both hardware and software, with the majority being carried out by an on-site HPE team.


Uninterrupted, high-performing operation
Deutsche B�rse Group is one of the world�s largest exchange organizations. It currently operates more than 30 trading platforms worldwide for investors who invest capital and companies that raise capital. Two of these, Xetra and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, are amongst the world�s most renowned trading platforms where prices are determined on the exchange. Xetra is considered one of the most powerful and flexible trading infrastructures in the world, with participants from 18 different countries. Since 1999, Deutsche B�rse has calculated all of its share indexes based on Xetra prices. The trading platform has an approximate 95% market share of DAX stocks trading in Germany, with a peak load of 1.2 million trades per day.