Technical white paper

HPE Synergy for composable infrastructure versus Cisco UCS


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has gained enormous popularity because of the ease and speed with which it lets companies deploy and manage compute to perform their varied workloads. This paper describes how HPE Synergy facilitates IaaS in your company's data center by being more unified, with simpler management, and more future-proof than Cisco UCS.

HPE Synergy - more unified than Cisco UCS

HPE Synergy is the first platform purpose-built for composable infrastructure that empowers IT to create and deliver value instantly and continuously while allowing efficient and effective management and control. A singular infrastructure with a single built-in user interface,HPE Synergy reduces operational complexity by composing physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric pools into different configurations for multiple applications.
HPE Synergy allows customers to standardize on a single architecture that integrates compute, storage, and fabric in an all-in-one solution. This allows enterprises to easily implement the right-size infrastructure to run their applications - traditional or cloud native - without having to purchase and then integrate specialized platforms individually. The result is an infrastructure with exceedingly fast delivery times for service and high operational efficiency. Management complexity is simplified (regardless of scale) and misconfiguration (errors) is kept at an absolute minimum (Figure 1).