Data sheet

HPE NonStop In-Memory Cache

HPE NonStop In-Memory Cache is a fast data server that your mission-critical applications can leverage to share information across CPUs and across nodes. It comes with the characteristic advantages of an HPE NonStop product.


What is HPE NSIMC?
HPE NonStop In-Memory Cache (NSIMC) is an in-memory storage server that applications can utilize for storing information for faster access. NSIMC can be accessed across the CPUs. Thus, it brings in the facility of a shared storage area for HPE NonStop applications.
About HPE NSIMC 4.0
HPE NSIMC is a value-added port of the open source in-memory data structure store, Redis. Specifically, NSIMC 4.0 is a port of Redis version 4.0.11. Redis is a popular NoSQL data structure store used by applications across many different domains. Its major use is in the cloud-computing area where it has proven capability to handle high transaction rates.
NSIMC 4.0 offers all the features of Redis 4.0 and with HPE NonStop fundamentals. It is inbuilt with continuous availability, and data consistency that HPE NonStop users cannot do without.