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HPE GreenLake Big Data

Businesses today are using Big Data to tackle big problems. They're relying on powerful analytics platforms, like Apache Hadoop, to extract business value from unstructured data. And while organizations are using analytics to problem-solve and pioneer innovation, the underlying Hadoop infrastructure adds another level of complexity to your IT environment. You want to focus your analytics investment and resources on the people - the data scientists - and processes that can help you derive insight from your data. The reality, however, is that many organizations are spending a lot of time, money, and IT manpower to implement, operate, and maintain their Hadoop cluster(s). Hadoop is particularly complex as a solution, with many components and additional pieces of software that could be used. And the trend, especially with cloud vendors, is more complexity coupled with proprietary elements.
If that's not enough, there's also unpredictability in terms of capacity. Who knows when growth will hit or things will unexpectedly slow down. Hadoop workloads are variable, which makes it difficult to predict what you'll need six, eight, or ten months down the road. And it's easy to wind up either sizing for some future state, or with "sprawl," not making full use of each Hadoop silo.
Fortunately, HPE Pointnext offers a scalable solution that radically simplifies your experience with Hadoop. It takes much of the complexity and cost off your back, so that you can focus purely on deriving intelligence from your Hadoop cluster(s). Offering support for both symmetrical and asymmetrical environments, HPE GreenLake Big Data offers complete end-to-end solution that includes hardware, software, and HPE Pointnext services. HPE Pointnext experts will get you set up and operational, and help you manage and maintain your cluster(s). They will also simplify billing, aligning it with business KPIs. With HPE's unique pricing and billing method, it's much easier to understand your existing Hadoop costs and better predict future costs associated with your solution.