Technical white paper

Server memory and persistent memory population rules for HPE Gen10 servers with Intel Xeon Scalable processors


This paper describes how to populate HPE DDR4 SmartMemory DIMMs and HPE Persistent Memory in HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers and Synergy Gen10 compute modules using Intel Xeon Scalable processors. HPE server memory for Gen10 servers support faster data rates, lower latencies, and greater power efficiency than the DIMMs used in previous generations of HPE servers. HPE SmartMemory also provides superior performance over third-party memory when used in HPE servers.
HPE Gen10 servers with Intel Xeon processors offer the same number of DIMM slots as HPE Gen9 servers, but the central processing unit (CPU) architecture has changed:
  • Gen10: Six memory channels per CPU with up to two DIMM slots per channel (12 DIMM slots per channel).