Solution brief

The power of Azure in your data center

Deploy the right mix of Azure cloud technologies - IaaS/PaaS

More IT services, faster
Organizations today are turning to hybrid cloud strategies that include both private and public clouds to reduce cost and increase flexibility. Since 2008, Microsoft Azure public cloud services have enabled businesses to move faster and achieve more. However, business and technical considerations - including regulatory compliance, data sovereignty, security, cost, and latency issues - have caused many companies to avoid public clouds.
Today, Microsoft Azure Stack enables IT organizations to provide the benefits of Azure public cloud - agility and scalability - with the control, performance, and security of the on-premises data center.
Azure goes hybrid
Co-engineered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft, the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack solution provides businesses with an Azure hybrid cloud platform in their own data center that is fully compatible with Azure public cloud services. This hybrid cloud solution delivers the speed, agility, and simplicity of a public cloud, combined with the cost-effectiveness and security of a powerful on-premises private cloud. Adding to the benefits is consistency with Microsoft Azure public cloud services.